The success of our products and programs relies not only on our service and expertise but also on all other partner suppliers we bring together. They play a key role in helping us uphold the standards we set. Together we have the responsibility to ensure that we take the very best care of our clients and their customers so that they enjoy their holidays to the full. In this way we use all possible care and skill in selecting best local suppliers and also make appropriate checks on the operational, safety and financial reputation of suppliers.

We also obtain assurances from suppliers of facilities or goods that they hold both at the time they are selected and throughout the duration of the seasons all permits, licences, authorisations and other safety related certificates and insurances as may be required by law.

Our Partners


We know very well how important genuine hospitality and old fashion curtesy for your customers are, so the hotels we provide have been always best options in terms of location and standard of service, prestigious landmarks of our hospitality industry. We make sure all of them deliver the service that your customers expect to get, to be warmly welcomed and receive attentive and personal service at all times.

We also ensure that our hotels comply with all applicable local and national laws and regulations in relation to fire, health and safety and other relevant requirements, and are at any time is possession of all relevant certificates or registrations in relation to such requirements.


The vehicles we provide are regularly serviced and maintained to the standards recommended by the manufacturer. We also ensure they comply with all applicable safety regulations and are provided at every moment with relevant on-board equipment such as first aid kit, fire extinguisher, safety seat belts and emergency hammer for breaking windows. We also make sure they have fully working PA systems, heating, air conditioning and any special facilities on board such as television, video, toilet or refrigerator, and that they are perfectly clean inside and out prior to the commencement of each program.

All applicable laws and regulations related to driver’s working hours, driver and vehicle licensing are strictly followed. Drivers are smartly dressed, courteous, assisting customers on and off coaches wherever required, are competent, reliable, and have full knowledge of the route and geographical locations of joining points, hotels, comfort or meal stops and final destinations.

Tour guiding

We strongly believe a proper guiding is the key ingredient of our programs. Before becoming part of our team, each tour guide undergoes a rigorous selection process so we can determine if highest tour guiding requirements are met. Our tour guides are fully qualified holding all adequate professional licenses, ensuring through the depth of their cultural understanding and local knowledge that our guests have the best possible tour experience in Romania. Their knowledge and language skills are essential but their ability to communicate is equally important.


Experience the local food is of vital importance to our increasingly sophisticated customers, so we permanently ensure our passengers’ expectations are fully satisfied. We provide a selection of famous Romanian restaurants that understand and meet our needs in terms of quality and quantity, upscale dining establishments that come with a solid bundle of attributes such as good menu variety, nice food appearance and presentation, nice atmosphere, attentive and personalized service.

Famous Romanian wineries are also part of the gourmet experience we include in our programs; they are picturesquely located in the middle of the vineyards and aside the traditional food they also offer spectacular wine tasting experiences.

Wine Tours Romania

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