Romania offers a unique and fascinating insight into traditions and culture untouched by the passage of time: the painted monasteries of Bucovina with their brilliant frescoes, medieval fortresses and castles of Saxon Transylvania, legends and tales of courage and heroism.

Romania is also a land of extraordinary unspoiled natural beauty, a third of the country’s area being covered by Carpathian Mountains that hide a huge diversity of wild life and spectacular scenery.

Top Tours Romania

We are a Bucharest based inbound operator providing tailor made solutions for tour operators and group travel organizers.

We operate with a team of experienced industry professionals delivering highest standard of service at each stage of your project; we take a very good care of all aspects related to our programs featuring excellent tour guiding, unique visits, top rates hotels, nice traditional restaurants, safe and comfortable transportation.

Our tours access unique places and people and bring together a collection of history, heritage and culture, delivering your passengers wonderful and authentic experiences.

Our team

Vlad Petrov

Head of Special Programs

I have been working for our inbound industry for close to 20 years gathering solid expertize both as field and office specialist, managing various programs not only in Romania but also across the neighboring countries – over the years I had the opportunity to work for famous tour operators, I let hundreds of different tours being able to develop a deep understanding of what makes a product great. I remain deeply passionate about travel and everything there is to know about our industry.

Head of Group Operations

Extensive experience in the field allows me to be sensitive to listening, to act in a way passionately involved and to be able to begin the search for your ideal trip.

In my opinion, travel invites a return to basics, therefore my profession of faith is in the direction of tourism of emotions and authentic experiences, encounters, discoveries and unforgettable memories.

Valentin Boboc


I manage an exceptional team, having myself a solid experience in the field, accumulated over several decades. The secret of our services lies in impeccable logistics and a very careful selection of local suppliers with whom we put together all types of tourism arrangements, offering our partners perhaps the most balanced and successful programs. Romania is a wonderful country and I have great confidence in its future as a tourist destination. I invite you to take full advantage of it.

We know your customers

Thousands of travelers worldwide, different cultures, different interests, different visions; the arrangements we put together have always met their needs and expectations

We know your expectations

We know your customers’ complete satisfaction brings you a long-term sustainable and repetitive business.

Surprise: your goal is our goal too !

We have the team

Our team is the secret of our success; each of our employees is amazing in their own right, together they are what makes us so strong and such a reliable partner

We have the expertize

A team of professionals with many years of expertize in both domestic and international travel delivering your projects with highest standard of assistance and care.

We are passionate

We have the perspective, we know what the needs are; then we have the proper logistics, we are quick and precise so the results are always great !
We simply love it!

We deliver

Yes, we do deliver!


Wine Tours Romania
Wine Tours Romania

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