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    About Romania


    Sibiu combines styles of the late Renaissance, Gothic, Classical and Transylvanian Baroque architecture. Sibiu has been likened to Nuremberg, but many of the houses are painted sky blue, red, apricot and pea green. Our tours of Sibiu include the evangelical and orthodox cathedrals and the Brukenthal Art Museum.
    The Gothic Evangelic Cathedral is a massive structure that was completed in 1520 and whose huge imposing tower dominates the surrounding skyline. It boasts Romania’s largest organ, which has around 6000 pipes, and is also home to the tomb of Prince Mihnea the Bad, the son of Vlad, who was murdered just outside the church. The Orthodox Cathedral is situated in the New Town, and is the second largest Orthodox cathedral in the whole of Romania. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century and is modeled largely on the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul. Its lavish interior is embellished with all manner of Neo-Byzantine designs and frescoes. The Brukenthal Art Museum is one of Romania’s oldest and finest art galleries. It is housed inside the Baroque palace of Baron Samuel Brukenthal, a former governor of Austria, and was founded in 1817. It boasts an extensive collection of Romanian and western art, including the best of central European silverware, folk art, archaeological finds and Romanian icons.